Welcome to NERD SOCIETY Coimbatore

Non-conventional Energy and Rural Development (i.e. NERD) society was established in the year 1984 and it is registered under Societies Registration Act of Government of Tamil Nadu and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of Government of India. The NERD Society was promoted by its Founder President Mrs. K.SATHIAJOTHI KAMARAJ.

NERD Introduction

Our latest focus is on waste water treatment. One side the above said industries find it very difficult to dispose its waste water in an environmental friendly way. On the other side it is finding it difficult to pay the electricity charges of the company. In addition to that it is paying heavily for the treatment of waste water through conventional aerobic treatment plant. If we go for Bio-Methanation route, we can get the triple benefit of Environmental friendly way of treatment and disposal of its waste water, additional power generation during the treatment itself and finally saving the cost of electricity incurred for the present aerobic treatment and disposal method. For achieving the above triple benefits, NERD SOCIETY has designed and developed a high rate Bio-Methanation Reactor based on Netherlands Technology.

Conventional and Non-Conventional are the two classified electric power generating technology available in this universe. In Conventional Energy, Atomic, Thermal and Petroleum are known as old methods; Bio gas (Go bar gas), Gasification, Solar, Wind and Ocean energy are the other types presently under Non-Conventional Energy sources. However, Conventional Energy sources are suitable for large scale generations (on MW scale) which are not within the reach of an individuals or small group. The present cost of Photovoltaic Solar Cells and variable in wind velocity from time to tie and place to place are other reason for unable to reach in this segment.


NERD Society endeavors to encourage and facilitate the empowerment of women primarily to meet the energy needs of the poor and disadvantaged and to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities and the environment.